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Former Group Members


PhD Thesis

Bruno Henrique Arpini (2022)

Design de nanocatalisadores híbridos de níquel e carbono e suas aplicações em reações de hidrogenação.

Jhonatan L. Fiorio (2019)

Catalysis at gold-ligand interfaces: a frustrated Lewis pair mechanism for selective reduction reactions.

Marco Aurélio Suller Garcia (2016)

Rhodium Nanoparticles: components for the preparation of catalysts for hydroformylation of olefins.

Lucas L. R. Vono (2016)

Design of nanocatalysts supported on magnetic nanocomposites containing silica, ceria and titania.

Fernanda Parra da Silva (2016)

Study of copper and palladium-based catalysts selectivity in transformations of unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Tiago Artur da Silva (2016)

Structural evolution and catalytic performance of AuPd nanoparticles of variable composition.

Natália de Jesus da Silva Costa (2012) 

Nickel and nickel-palladium supported nanocatalysts obtained from organometallic precursors.

Fernando Bacci Effenberger (2012)

Magnetic nanomaterials for application in therapy and imaging.

Marcos José Jacinto (2010)

Development of magnetically recoverable catalysts for liquid-phase hydrogenation reactions.


Master Thesis

Ofelia Yang (2021)

Fine-tuning the composition of gold-palladium core-shell catalysts for alcohol oxidation activity.

Karla Lais Caetano da Silva (2019)

Development of gold-palladium bimetallic catalysts for selective hydrogenations.

Rerison Justo (2018)

Effect of nitrogen ligands on the catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles for hydrogenation of aldehydes.

Tiago Rosa (2016)

Development of metallic nickel nanoparticles as catalysts in hydrogenation reactions.

Fernanda Parra da Silva (2011)

Allylic oxidation of alkenes catalyzed by supported cobalt oxide nanoparticles.

Tiago Artur da Silva (2011)

Design of bimetallic gold and palladium nanocatalysts for the selective oxidation of alcohols.

Lucas Lucchiari Ribeiro Vono (2010)

Studies on the immobilization of photosensitizers in magnetic nanomaterials.

Rafael de Lima Oliveira (2009)

Gold nanocatalysts: Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance.

Inna Martha Nangoi (2009)

Development of palladium nanoparticle catalysts for hydrodechlorination reaction.

Paulo Rogério da Silva (2008)

Study of the immobilization of porphyrins in silica nanoparticles and their interaction with oxygen and iron: possible biomedical and analytical applications.


Post-doctoral research associates

Dr. Rafael Trivella Pacheco da Silva (2022) - Present Position: high-school professor, Brazil
Dr. Lais Reis Borges (2019-2022) - Present Position: Startup Carbonic, Brazil
Dr. Dagoberto Oliveira Silva (2019-2022) - Present Position: Startup Moftech, Brazil
Dr. Camila Grossi (2020-2021) - Present Position: professor UFOP, Brazil
Dr. Adriano H. Braga (2016-2021) - Present Position: Post-doctoral researcher at CISTAR, USA
Dr. Thalita Galhardo (2017-2018) - Present Position: researcher at Oxiteno, Brazil
Dr. Camila Palombo Ferraz (2014-2018) - Present Position: professor at UFRJ, Brazil
Dr. Jean C. S. Costa (2013-2016) - Present Position: professor at UFPI, Brazil
Dr. Renato V. Gonçalves (2013-2014) - Present Position: professor at IFSC-USP, Brazil
Dr. Natalia J. S. Costa (2012-2015) - Present Position: researcher at Clariant, Brazil
Dr. Paula Uberman (2013) - Present Position: professor at Cordoba, Argentine
Dr. Edmilson Miranda de Moura(2013) - Present Position: professor at UFPI, Brazil
Dr. Robert Jan Wojcieszak (2013) - Present Position: CNRS researcher at Lille, France
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