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Catalysis – Heterogeneous Catalysis – Materials Chemistry

  • Catalysis lies at the heart of the petroleum and chemical industries to produce everything from fuels and bulk chemicals to polymers and drugs.

  • Catalysis provides solutions for modern issues, such as energy, alternative fuels, pollution control, sustainability and green chemical manufacture.

  • Challenging applications require new methods for synthesizing and characterizing catalysts.



Our research interest is the utilization of the unique properties of metal nanoparticles for the design of heterogeneous catalysts with high control of composition, size, morphology, and surface and chemical properties. Catalysis and catalyst design are very attractive research areas, which include fundamental studies and applied aspects that meet both with industry demands and high priority funding areas.The global catalysts market is expected to reach USD 24.1 billion by the end of 2018 and this field requires constant improvement and innovation.

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